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Recurring Deposit

A Recurring Deposit(RD) is a simple way to save money every month and earn higher interest than you get with your savings account. If you maintain a Savings Account with us, a specified amount can be automatically deducted & transferred from it every month to your Recurring Deposit. At the end of the tenure, you will have saved a considerable sum of money.

Interest Rates

Deposit scheme interest rates w.e.f. 04-May-2020
Interest Rate For Recurring Deposit
Term Deposit General Co-op Societies and Trust Senior Citizen Widow Handicapped/ Blind
Above 12 Months Up to 35 Months 5.50 % 5.50 % 6.00 % 6.00 % 6.00 %
Above 35 Months 5.75 % 5.75 % 6.25 % 6.25 % 6.25 %