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Deogiri Sabhasad Kalyan Yojana [Member Welfare Fund Loan]
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Purpose :

To provide financial assistance to member and his/her family

  1. Members who is holding a share of Rs.1000/-
  2. Member’s family includes spouse dependent Father/Mother, son (below age of 21 years), unmarried daughter, handicapped/Blind Son/Daughter.

Loan Amount :

  1. Member or his /her family in critical illness or major diseases would get loan for actual expenses incurred or Rs.50000 /- which ever is lesser at minimum rate of interest and maximum repayment period.
  2. Member or his/her family would get loan up to Rs.15000/ in case of natural calamities i.e. fire, earthquake, cyclones, riots etc.

Rate Of Interest :

2% less of Card Rates applicable (p.a.) Interest will be applied monthly basis on outstanding amount.

Period :

Maximum period for repayment is 84 months.

Security :

Personal guarantees, salary undertaking, L.I.C., etc.

Guarantor :

Two guarantors of good means are required.

Documents :

  1. Applicant -
  2. Photo, Photo ID, Residence proof, Income Proof such as Last 3 months Salary slip or Last Three years Balance Sheet and Tax Returns, Proof for reasons as mentioned above.

  3. Guarantor -
  4. Photo, Photo ID, Residence proof, Income Proof

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